Kindergarten- Phonics and Letter Recognition

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Introducing phonics
For introductions to letter-sound patterns, it is best to begin with the simplest graphemes.You can introduce these through environmental print, shared book reading, shared drawing and writing experiences, and letter games.

These introductory phonics patterns (graphemes) are the first building blocks of simple words.

Using just these simple patterns, educators and children can create 100s of words, all using these short vowel sounds:

short /a/ — for example cat dab man tap bag
short /e/ — for example met fed wet men get
short /i/ — for example kit lid nip fit fix quit
short /o/ — for example cot pod got top
short /u/ — for example cut dub tug bun

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What Will You Learn?

  • [Children] learn to recognise how sounds are represented alphabetically and identify some letter sounds, symbols, characters and signs.
  • VEYLDF (2016)

About the instructor

Course Curriculum

Introducing phonics

  • The importance of phonics
  • Key developmental milestones
  • Phonics and Spelling

Blends vs. digraphs/trigraphs

Difference between phonological awareness and phonics